Joojea is responsible for selling used electronic products overhauled throughout Italy.


How does the process of revised phones work?

Where do they come from?


 On this page we will try to answer these questions to make you better understand who we are and what we do, but above all because it is worthwhile to buy a revised phone with Joojea.


What does it mean revised?

The revised phones are used products that are subjected to the strict control process before being put back on the market. Specifically, these are used mobile phones which, at the end of the control steps listed below, are 100% functional. Since these products have been extracted from the packaging and used, they could show slight signs of wear such as scratches, stains or discoloration. Each revised phone:

- It is tested in all its functions

- Is subjected to a thorough cleaning and inspection process

- Includes the original operating software and the software usually offered with this operating system

- It is identified by an IMEI code

- Is subjected to a Final Quality Check

Once this phase is over and as soon as the products arrive in our warehouses they are subjected to a further cycle of checks to verify their perfect functionality.

In total, therefore, the phones that you can buy from Joojea are the result of a double control process: a first phase of revision and a second phase of further verification.

The selected appliances that you will find for sale are therefore only those that have passed all the phases of the control process.


The origin

The phones we resell are not only subjected to the review process and further verification, but also and above all to a careful control regarding the origin.

What does it mean?

It means that, despite the sources of origin of the products are already certified and guaranteed, Joojea carries out a precise verification on all the databases to guarantee total reliability relative to the origin. This way you can be completely sure that you are not buying a stolen item for example, or of dubious origin.

Our phones have essentially a certain provenance, which does not foresee risks for the buyer.

The importance of the IMEI code

Each electronic device is identified by an IMEI code (acronym for International Mobile Equipment Identity). This is a 15-digit code that uniquely identifies mobile phones. If you have never heard of it, know that knowing it can be useful if you lose the phone or suffer theft. In fact, in these unfortunate occasions, the IMEI can be used to report the theft of the device and then request its telephone operator to block the access of the network to the latter.

In our case the IMEI code that identifies each of our phones is even more important for you.

Do you want to know why?

Because thanks to that code it is possible to first trace the life path of the object, and then go back to the origin. Not only that, the IMEI code will be shown in the sales document, which can be the invoice, in case you have p.iva or the tax receipt in case you do not have it. In any case, the document that will be released to you at the time of purchase certifies that that object identified by that specific IMEI code has been sold to you by Joojea. In this way you will be protected and legally guaranteed from every point of view regarding your purchase.


What does Joojea do?

Joojea takes care of acquiring in large quantities the best reconditioned phones on the market, which are subjected to the rigorous controls described above regarding the functionality and safety of the origin.

Once the safety of the origin has been ascertained, our mobile phones are subjected to as many as 19 specific tests to guarantee the perfect functioning of all the parts. In particular, the following functions are tested:

-          Telefono

-          Wifi

-          Blutooth

-          Fotocamera anteriore

-          Fotocamera posteriore

-          Batteria

-          Ricarica

-          Microfoni

-          Navigazione internet

-          3G LTE

-          Audio

-          Registrazione audio nel video

-          Siri

-          Capacità di aggiornamento iOS/Android

-          Controllo ID Apple

-          Android KNOX

-          Connettore cuffie

-          Display

-          Grado estetico


A questo punto i telefoni sono pronti per essere utilizzati!

Vengono quindi catalogati e fotografati così potrai richiedere le foto esatte dell’oggetto che stai acquistando.