Buying Guide

in this section we provide you with information to understand how to choose our products from an aesthetic point of view, to know what the checks are and other useful information for the purchase.


We offer three categories of products according to their degree of wear: TOP, Recommended and Best Price


They are produced in perfect aesthetic conditions, like new with no obvious signs of wear visible to the naked eye.


They are produced in excellent aesthetic conditions, which present very small imperfections that are never dented.

Best price

They are products used with obvious aesthetic signs that do not affect operation.

Review process

Our products are subjected to a rigorous inspection process before being put back on the market.

First, the legitimate provenance and the absence of blockages is ascertained.

What does it mean?

It means that, despite the sources of origin of the products are already certified and guaranteed, Joojea carries out a precise verification on all the databases to guarantee total reliability relative to the origin. This way you can be completely sure that you are not buying a stolen item for example, or of dubious origin.

Our phones have essentially a certain provenance, which does not foresee risks for the buyer.

The importance of the IMEI code

Each electronic device is identified by an IMEI code (acronym for International Mobile Equipment Identity). This is a 15-digit code that uniquely identifies mobile phones. If you have never heard of it, know that knowing it can be useful if you lose the phone or suffer theft. In fact, in these unfortunate occasions, the IMEI can be used to report the theft of the device and then request its telephone operator to block the access of the network to the latter.

In our case the IMEI code that identifies each of our phones is even more important for you.

Do you want to know why?

Because thanks to that code it is possible to first trace the life path of the object, and then go back to the origin. Not only that, the IMEI code will be shown in the sales document, which can be the invoice, in case you have p.iva or the tax receipt in case you do not have it. In any case, the document that will be released to you at the time of purchase certifies that that object identified by that specific IMEI code has been sold to you by Joojea. In this way you will be protected and legally guaranteed from every point of view regarding your purchase.

Having ascertained the origin, in a first phase a test team carries out a series of checks

In particular, the following functions are tested:

-          Phone

-          Wifi

- Bluetooth

- Front camera

- Rear camera

-          Battery

- Recharge

- Microphones

- Internet browsing

- 3G LTE

- Audio

- Audio recording in the video

- Siri

- iOS / Android update capability

- Apple ID check

- Android KNOX

- Headphone connector

- Display

- Aesthetic degree

At the end of the control passages Each revised telephone:

- It is tested in all its functions

- Is subjected to a thorough cleaning and inspection process

- It is subjected to a battery change when the latter has a useful life cycle of less than one year.

- The original operating software and the software usually offered with this operating system are restored

- It is identified by an IMEI code

- Is subjected to a Final Quality Check

After the first test phase, the products arrive in our warehouses and undergo a further cycle of checks to check their perfect functionality again.

In total, therefore, the phones that you can buy from Joojea are the result of a double control process: a first phase of revision and a second phase of further verification.

The selected appliances that you will find for sale are therefore only those that have passed all the phases of the control process.

Purchase on

It is possible to purchase directly online by registering on the Joojea website in a few clicks. At the time of registration, your name, surname, email address and password are required, which you can change whenever you want. Inside your account you can enter your personal data, shipping address and check the summary of your order. Once the registration is made, the shipping address and other necessary data remain saved so you will no longer have to enter them if you decide to make other purchases. At any time you can still enter a different shipping address or change the one already present. All the pages you fill in are protected by an SSL certificate, a cryptographic method that protects the information through a data encryption system so that nobody can intercept the information before it reaches the recipient. The encrypted pages are called through the HTTPS protocol and can be recognized by the symbol of a padlock or a key displayed in the Internet browser.



Purchase by email

If you have decided to request a shipment by e-mail address you can write to specifying your personal data, the data relating to the shipment and those relating to billing.


On-site purchase

If, on the other hand, you have decided to buy directly in our office and have the opportunity to see for yourself the object, see first-hand what you have only seen online and choose the one you prefer, then you can come and visit us at the office at the following address :

Viale delle Milizie, 38

00195 Rome


We are open at the following times:

Monday-Friday 9.00-13.00 and 15.00-19.00

Saturday 10.00am-1.00pm and 3.00pm-5.00pm