Joojea is a registered trademark owned by NCE Srl active since 2008 in the marketing of telephone products and consumer electronics based in Rome. Our team is at your service to provide you with the best technology at the best possible price. We want you to be calm in your choice and above all satisfied with your purchase! This is why we take care of acquiring the best used phones, verifying and certifying their non-fraudulent provenance, so as to prevent you from having nasty surprises and guaranteeing maximum safety and quality. Buying with Joojea means relying on a reliable and honest retailer that offers a wide range of smartphone models at surprising prices! What are the advantages of choosing a used phone? - You can save up to 60% - You have a perfectly functioning object without having to pay crazy costs! - Help preserve the planet. Did you know that tons of cell phones are thrown away every year in the world? Choosing a used cell phone helps the planet!